Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Road Trip - Day 2 - The Twilight Adventure!

Shannon, Erica & Miranda with "The Cut out Crew" at the Visitors Center in Forks.

*Sigh... Twilight...*

I've read the books (a couple times), I've seen (and own) the movies, but the pure love that the people of Forks have for this movie and book series Eclipses (see what I did there?) absolutely anything I've ever seen!

Twilight - (for you non-Twlighters) is a teen romance series written by Stephanie Meyer. It's set in Forks Washington, and it's about a Vampire (Edward) and his human love (Bella). Somewhere in the mix Bella's best friend (Jacob) finds he is a Werewolf, so there is drama, love and some sort of battle in each book. I'm really watering this down, if you like a quick read, the series isn't bad if you go ahead and skip book #4, that gets a little far fetched for me!

Either way, it's a bit of a pilgrimage for teen girls to go to Forks and see the places Stephanie describes in her series... So here they are, in all their glory!

I am not giving this place enough credit though, their love for Forks and Twlight is amazing. I have seriously never met more passionate and friendly people!

Me with Cutout Jacob - I'm Team Jacob, not Team Edward (like most girls).

This is a map where people put a pin up for where they're coming from to visit Forks... Nuts, right?

Here I am "checking in" as Dr. Cullen.

I was writing in Bella's Chart ... "Bella is Sick in the head. Choose Jacob!"

The Girls were moderately Mortified that I did this.

But... Why go if you're not going to go all out!?

This lovely display was put together by the ladies at the visitor center - we LOVED Them!

Actual autographs from the cast of New Moon!

Carlisle's Medical License.

Forks' Visitor Center - with Bella's Truck parked out front!

Re-inacting the scene from the first movie where Edward Saves Bella.

I am begging Shannon & Erica to make this their Christmas card!

The "Swan" house.

Forks Community Hospital where Carlisle Works!

The Cullen House!

A note from Esme.

The girls geeking out at the Cullen house - they're "Team Edward"

This is a re-make from one of the movies (Eclipse? New Moon?)

"Edward's Piano"

Forks High School (a re-make of the sign from the movie)

Edward and I taking a Selfie.

This is in Lepells Flowers & Gifts...

Leppells again - anything Twilight you could want

The Log Haulers ... LOL - that's for Shannon.

The Treaty Line...

Headed to LaPush - The Treaty Line!

No Vampires allowed!

After the visitors center and driving around town looking at every Twilight Trinket shop we could find, we headed to the Treaty Line for lunch. We ate Werewolf Burgers and they were awesome! Miranda and Erica both had a "Vampire Shake" which they said were pretty good too! It's amazing how these towns embrace this stuff - their towns were suffering pre-Twilight, and still 10 years after the book was written... people come to see it!

Obviously, the Treaty line is where the Vampires and Werewolf's compromised. The Vampires don't go to La Push, and the Werewolf's stay out of Forks.

This is Jacob Black's house - with his motorcycle.

La Push Beach!

Seals at La Push Beach!

Miranda had never seen or touched the ocean before. She is such a huge Twilight fan she saved her first Ocean toe dippage for La Push Beach!

And, I sufficiently warned her how cold it would be!

They totally didn't care!

La Push was our last stop of our Twilight tour, and really, our Olympic Peninsula tour.

We hopped back in the car and hit the road home with a few pit stops!

One of which was alongside the road at Lake Crescent. It was so rainy and gross when we came through the first time, the second time through was like a whole new destination! It's so beautiful!

The girls weren't so concerned with the view... but the Ducks!

Don't worry - we shared some of our Popcorn with him!

The trip to the Olympic Peninsula was nice... but I was happy to see City lights again!

We got home and Crashed... Hard... Being a Twihard is hard work!

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