Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gas Hog

I normally wouldn't blog to bitch about random happenings in my life. I do however feel a bit stressed and feel that this will help ease my mind. So if you don't want to keep reading... I understand.
It's Theraputic to just type and listen to the keys so here it goes with the story of last night and why indeed I am as sleepy as I am today.
Last night Eric and I were on the couch watching Heroes when we hear our neighbor's car alarm going off. Eric went out to the back porch and saw our neighbor Tyrell running across the parking lot after someone. Eric went down stairs to investigate so I stepped out on the back porch to talk with Artina who was also standing on her porch. Tyrell comes back around the parking garage and said he had an encounter with a man who was holding a Gas can who he had been chasing. Long story short the man was attempting to seiphen gasoline out of our neighbor's SUV when the alarm went off. I guess this has been one of many attempts though Eric and I haven't gotten hit yet. I guess I shouldn't speak too soon, the Man magnet could be setting there on E for all I know.
The point of it all is that it's so disturbing when things like this happen in your safe zone. My dear friend Meg can attest to the sense of insecurity it puts in your mind and soul. After all gas isn't that expensive any more so is he doing it just because he needs it more so than anyone else? or is it just for sport?
So needless to say I didn't get much sleep after that. My mind kind of got away with me and I think that I just need a quiet sunny fall day, but maybe next week!
Tonight is cRAVE and I'm at a loss for what to do I guess maybe GOD will open the clouds and speak to me if need be.
Keep our safety and our home's safety in your prayers if you would. It would help my mind be more at ease.
Love you all ♥

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