Friday, June 5, 2009

Blogging is therapeutic...

Recent events have brought me and my family closer together via the Verizon / Alltel network. For those of you who don’t know me as well as my family, I grew up with a Dad who was an alcoholic; I don’t talk about my Dad much because we don’t have much of a relationship, anymore. Most of my young years my memories included Old Milwaukie, Lord Calvert & Diet Coke and one very red faced Dad. In the late 90’s my Dad went to Alcoholics Anonymous. He became sober and remained that way for quite some time. Up until the past year or so that is. My Dad has relapsed; big time. I haven’t heard from him, and my Dad went from being one of my best pals to a complete stranger in what seems like overnight.

I am finding few avenues to vent my frustration, anger, and sadness better than talking to my family. I realize that by blogging my troubles may not make them better but exploit them for all to read. But I’m really not blogging for sympathy, or prayers or even good thoughts sent our way. I’m blogging because of what I’ve learned over the past couple nights because I think it’s so HUGE that I need to share with others that may struggle with this very same thing, or other family members that I know could profit from a few of my revelations.

I’ve learned that no matter what happens my Dad is still my Dad; just not really the Dad I remembered from my childhood, he’s been through some stuff and that’s changed who he is, It’s changed who we all are. I still love him, unconditionally.

I’ve learned that my Mom is one of the strongest women I know. I’ve always looked up to my Mom and we’ve had our tough times together, but she is so incredible. I can’t imagine how a small town farm Mom dealt with 3 kids and an alcoholic Husband. The frustration must have been a lot to bear, but my Mom raised us in the best way, I’m a very open, opinionated and compassionate person, just like she is and I’m very thankful for that, I love my Mom more than anything.

I’ve learned that nothing brings a family together better than crisis. Dad’s house burned down a couple weeks ago and he’s kind of in limbo. It hasn’t brought me and my Dad closer together but on Tuesday I had one of the best conversations I’ve had with my brother in years. Tony isn’t the most “let’s sit down and talk about it” kind of person that I know, in fact, when he calls it’s usually to talk about something big or to make fun of me, like most of my family members, I ALWAYS answer the phone for Tony. I know deep down inside he’s one of the most caring individuals I’ve ever met. Tony cares deeper than the ocean and I love that about him.

I’ve learned that my Sister sticks to her guns. For those of you who know Shannon you know this about her, for those of you who don’t she’s this quiet girl that just kind of hangs out with everyone. Shannon is very level headed and thinks of things logically and is one of the best listeners I know. Shannon takes everything in stride and like my Mom is my very best friend.

I’ve learned that no matter how late it is Eric lets me vent even if it means a late bed time. I’ve learned that my husband is a problem solver. He always offers ways to make things better and when I shoot down his offer, He comes up with another one. He never gives up on me and I love him more than life.

I’ve learned that a little comic relief in life is a necessity. Tuesday Carter, Troy & Kyle (kind of) called and told me all about their new Kitties, and Troy was so excited he didn’t even really realize he was talking on the phone to me – he hates to talk on the phone to me. Last night, Erica and I had about a 20 minute phone conversation about all things comic books, twilight and what being a teenage girl is all about. I also gave her a few tips on how to swindle her Mom more convincingly… after all, what are Aunts for?

I’ve learned that my possessions are just that… possessions. They can be gone in a second’s time and all you have left are the relationships that you’ve built and your faith. Maybe it’s time for me to purge again … umm? No.

I’ve learned that Co-workers are very supportive even if they don’t know the “whole story”. I have a really awesome team at work, and couldn’t make it through some weeks without them.

I’ve learned that Blogging is therapeutic. I feel better now than I have all day. Wow should have done this 3 days ago.

I’ve learned that sometimes crisis can be a blessing to you and your family. Times are tough but sticking together is what makes family so special.

So this is for my family, Thank you. Thank you for sticking it out with me and thank you for taking care of things. Thank you for being so awesome! I am so blessed to have people like you on the enter end of the phone. Even though you can’t choose your family, I’d choose you if I had the chance.

(are you crying yet Brenda? Mom? Kathy? Shannie? Julie?)

Love you all very much,

Have a Great weekend!

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