Saturday, March 13, 2010


There are so many things that made today great, but above all it was thanks to Andy Runton and his creation, Owly. I can honestly say hands down Owly is my all time favorite comic... ever. He is a little Owl who feels more emotion than some humans I know. Andy's books do not have words in them but you can interpret the story for yourself as you go.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a nasty habit of being really excited to meet someone at ECCC and then when I approach the booth and want to get the artist, writer or famous persons attention I freeze and spend most of my time smiling and nodding as Eric jumps in to bail me out by speaking for me. My wonderful husband coached me before we left this morning telling me I can't blow it when I meet Andy and Owly (effectively). I was SUPER nervous, but I have to say I didn't blow it and had a wonderful conversation with Andy and told him just how much I love Owly, and everything inbetween. We spent 30 minutes at his table, chatting and watching him draw an original piece of Owly art just for me, just the way I wanted it.

Not only did Andy draw me this amazing picture of Owly all tucked into bed with his friends Wormy and Snaily... but he signed all 5 of my Owly books; 4 of which I purchased today.. can't WAIT to read them, I fell in love with this little guy over one book, I can't wait to see what the rest hold. Andy didn't just sign my books, but in all 5 books he signed them to me, and then drew a little Owly in them with the friends he meets in each book.

Talk about Dedication to your fanbase.

He was so friendly I walked away in awe and could have gone home happy at that point feeling like my Comi Con ticket was 100% worth the price.

He also gave me a little Wormy on a safety pin because I was such a big fan, and before I left I got a picture with him, and he gave me a big hug!

Here's my Owly Loot... Before we left the con for the day, I ended up buying the blue Owly shirt.
Because who's cuter than Owly?
Thanks Andy for such an awesome expierence; and thank you Andy & My better half Eric for helping me overcome my stagefright!

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