Friday, June 11, 2010

Something New: Bing Cherries and Family time

We were up and moving bright and early this morning! We went to the Tukwilla light rail station and rode the rail into the city!
We went over to visit my office space and meet my coworkers and then headed to the market for some goodies and touristy fun!
The ladies all bought some new Seattle wear and a few gifts for the grandkids!

At one point we broke off into two groups due to the fact that Brenda wanted to watch Eric eat a raw oyster, and Mom Kathy and I had a hankerin for some gyros. We met back up again and headed over to do some shopping in the Westlake area before we headed back to Des Moines.

Here's the ladies enjoying a coffee break with some "Seattles Best" coffee. Mom was FREEZING, so was Kathy. We were all counting on the sun break that the weather guys had promised us for the afternoon.
After a quick cup of coffee and some rest we went into Sees candy for a free sample and a treat!

Then we shopped around the Westlake Mall, I got a new purse I'm super excited about and we picked up a few more Seattle goodies.
We hopped back on the light rail and went to the station to get our car. We drove over to Burien to check out the track for tomorrow's event!
Then we went back into the city to Uwajamaya to get Eric and the ladies some Fresh LIVE crab.
Brenda squealed the whole time while we watched the crabs trying to make an escape from the guy working at the counter.
On our way back to Des Moines we stopped at Bo Collelo's (where we normally get our pumpkins for the year) and got some corn on the cob, bing cherries, tomatos and brussle sprouts to round off our meal.

Mom was beat, so she hung out with Aquaman, and waited for some Crab to be cooked.
Have I ever mentioned that I've never tried an actual cherry before? Here's a something new! I LOVE them!
Any ways... After the meal, Aquaman negotiated some snuggles with his grandma... he looks totally pleased with this ...

Oh the life of dogs.

It was just really great to spend some time as a family. It's been a long time since we've all sat, visited and laughed. It was also new to have them all in my living room making luminarias... I love my family. Oh and have I mentioned how much Brenda Loves Facebook?

Anyways, after our meal Eric went out to get some beer to fuel the Luminaria making for Relay. We made over 30 Luminaria's today for people we know who are battling or have lost their battle to cancer.
We're all organized (mostly) and ready to get a move on to RELAY tomorrow.
Wish us Luck!

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