Friday, July 23, 2010

My Reasons

Last night I missed my bus by about 3.5 seconds. Even by running at full Abby speed (which isn’t that impressive), I missed it. I grumbled, and then got the idea to just got hop on the light rail, because I’d rather be actively moving towards home with the promise of my Husband picking me up than stuck standing at the bus stop for the next 45 minutes. I got on the rail and read the entire smooth ride home, it was a beautiful thing – have I mentioned how awesome the light rail is?. Eric picked me up at the station and we ran a few errands, Post office, library… etc.

As I was walking out of the library I couldn’t help but to notice how big of a dork I am. I had my black commuter tennis on with my brown pants with my ORCA (Bus) pass hanging around my neck in a commuter style badge holder, with a library card in one hand, my library book tucked into my arm and my greasy hair in a ponytail; the only thing I was missing is my oversized wrong prescription glasses I wear around the house before bed time. When did I become one of “those” women who wear commuter shoes and carry my ORCA (Bus) pass around my neck and borrow books from the library?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing “Wrong” with any of these things. Everyone has their reasons for being their very own brand of dork, as I have mine.

Tennis shoes – I really love wearing cutsey high heels to work; it’s a weakness. That being said, who wants to walk 6 blocks from the bus at 6:30am to their work building with cutsey heels on? Not me!

ORCA Pass- God forbid I would have to dig it out of my bag every time I wanted to use it, why not put it in a little ID carrier I can wear around my neck? That way I know where it is all of the time, and I don’t have to dig in my bag to find it to pay for my bus ride.

Library Book – Yes, I love to purchase books, but only certain one’s, and really I can’t count on my limbs how many books I have laying around the house that I’ve bought and haven’t read, or bought, read and stuck on a shelf. This library thing is really wonderful, I can go online, reserve the book I want and then walk into the library – scan the book – scan my card and walk out! It’s easy, fast, and free! And… It only took me 4 years of living less than a mile away from the library to actually use it! Go me!

Ponytail- I wish I could explain this… My out- of- control – crazy-long - hair has nearly reached my waist line, I have no defense or justification for this other than pure laziness.

So there you have it folks… I’m one of “those” commuters… And maybe we do it for the smell of the Metro Bus... or for the $2.75 ride into town when parking downtown costs at least 5 times that amount.... or maybe it's having this greet you good morning.

See ? We all have our reasons…

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