Friday, December 31, 2010

Thoughts of me... and Traveling

When I booked my trip to South Dakota, I keep thinking about how fast traveling goes, and how I forget the little details by the time I get home. This time I want to be vigilant about remembering the little snafu's and good things that happen. So you're going to get to be part of it so I can come back here and read it for myself.

So, a few snippets from today.

- I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. I walked through the doors to find a two part line to the service counter to get checked in if you didn't have your boarding pass already printed. Oye. I tried to look up my ticket using my credit card, but apparently the machines can't look it up that way, so I resigned and got in line with the 80 other travelers who didn't pre-print boarding passes. Then, I remembered that my phone has e-mail capabilities, so I quickly looked up my ticket number and in moments I had my boarding passes in hand. God Bless technology.

-The line to the TSA was horrendous, but it moved rather quickly. My bags were flagged to be searched so I watched very patiently while the TSA dumped out my entirely (meticulously) packed suitcase into their plastic bins. They searched the rolled up tee shirts, and unmentionables, and then handed me the bins and told me I was good to go. Awesome. So I sat on the floor and repacked... my bag... from scratch.

-Once I got through security I headed to the tram to take me to the S gates. I arrived to find that my plane had been delayed till 3:10 (original flight 1:00). Then I got re-booked on another flight that left at 3:35.

-I met a really nice older couple from Grand Forks. The lady and I made a fast friendship till she told me that she knew a guy who worked out of his garage that knew the cure for cancer. All I had to do was tell my Mom to send a check for $100 along with a piece of paper containing her DNA (Spit and blood) and he would call her to tell her what to do to cure her cancer. She was a nice lady, and I appreciate the tips, but I have to question a man who claims he can cure cancer from aged DNA on a piece of copy paper.

-I got on the plane after making friends with a few little kids running around. Kids gravitate to me. This little boy's name was Cayden and he had a new airplane he was pretty excited about.

-I got on the plane (FINALLY) after spending a lot of time with the free WiFi in the airport, and found there was free WiFi on the airplane! Hallelujah! Not to mention that the seat between me and the guy in seat C is open. Let's just say flying Delta right now is pretty legit.

- I am cautiously optimistic about my arrival in Minneapolis. I am looking forward to my time on the plane and plan to order some dinner, and edit some wedding photos.

-Free airplane wifi is the greatest thing ever invtented ... seriously, kudo's Delta. I am currently Facebooking my family and friends who are on the ground literally right below me. I am over the Florence/Watertown area of the map of our flight. It's -44 up here and Tony swears it's not much warmer down where they're at. I was telling them I wish I had thought to pack a parachute and just jump out about now. So close... yet so far away ... 10,000 feet to be exact.
I told them all I was waving as I went by... so they all waved back and sent me the photo! I love my family.- When I got off the plane in Minneapolis I went directly to the Delta help desk to figure out my flight for the morning and my accommodations for the evening. In line I met more interesting people. A man traveling from Phoenix who had been on a plane since 6am - Phoenix to Salt Lake city, back to Phoenix and then to Minneapolis, but later I found that he was flying it all first class so I felt less bad for him. Another couple with their two five year old twins who immediately started up a conversation with me about their beanie babies. I got my hotel voucher for the Country inn & Suites, with a couple food vouchers and then headed to the ground transportation to catch a shuttle. I ran into another couple who were from Green Bay and we chatted about our travels, and then Phoenix showed up again. We all got into the van for the Country Inn and found another group of travelers in the same situation. There was a guy on our shuttle from Seattle who commuted to North Dakota for work. He was a riot. Helped keep the spirits up for the ride.

-I got checked into the Country Inn and Suites and here I sit in my room... with MORE FREE WIFI!!!! It's my new favorite thing in the world.

-I'm off to TGI Fridays to get a bite to eat... then to bed. Not sure If I'll even see 12 tonight.

- on that note... I miss Eric and Aquaman too, already.

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