Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hello Houston!

 We debated (a lot) before our trip weather or not we even wanted to go to Houston, in retrospect, I am so SO glad we didn't miss out on it!

We had a lot of fun - due in large part to Mohnie & Jessie hooking us up and helping us fin our way around the very LARGE city!

We heard that Houston was one of the WORST cities in the US for traffic but we managed to navigate ourselves to our hotel without too many issues. We checked in to a beautiful room courtesy of Mohnie and then headed over to Pappadeaux's for lunch. It's a Texas chain many people told me we HAD to try! It was pretty delish, we got to order Aligator and Frog Legs as an appetizer! We had way WAY too much food, but it was yummy and Mohnie stopped by to say hello and helped us eat a few things.  After Pappadeaux's we headed to Cavendars to quench my desire for a pair of bitchin' cowboy boots. There were many beautiful pairs there most notably the teal and brown ones pictured, but they were $169 a pair and for something I'd wear a hand full of times a year, I just couldn't pull the trigger. But aren't they pretty?
 After Cavendars, we went back to the hotel and hung out a little bit before Eric's other friend Jessie picked us up!
 Jessie took us to a little bar not far from our hotel called the Ginger Man. It had a crazy good section of beers, but I went with a local brew - Lone Star. We visited for quite awhile, but soon it was game time and Jessie handed us our Astros tickets and dropped us off at the front door!

 We took a couple laps around the ballpark and I even ran into the mascot!
 That's Junction Jack! I call him Conductor Bunn because he can often be found driving the train at Minute Maid park! He was very good with kids, and that little one above eventually did give him a hug.
 I love me those furry mascots! He's kind of mangy, but he gets hugged a lot by sticky kids. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a mascot in Texas! HOT!
 Minute Maid park was built into a standing railroad station and it's architecture is beautiful!
 We did finally manage to get back to our seats - these boys ahead of us were having the time of their lives! They were high fiving and cheering at every advance the Astros had! Their Dad was also super cool really helping them get into it!

 This was my 34th ballpark in 6 years ... What a cool tradition we have together - I lost count for Eric, but He's about 10 ahead of me.
 After the game, we headed to the 100 level to take one more photo of us and then we headed outside and snapped a few more pictures and attempted to catch a cab. I think we may have walked out of the game in the wrong direction because we could not find a cab to save us! We were right across the street from multiple bail bond stores, so you know we were in a pretty high quality area. We finally found someone to give us a ride, and he took us for the LONGEST ride to our hotel ever, we're pretty sure he was running up the price on us. Once Eric got a little hard worded with him he decided to suddenly find the quicker route. Stupid cabbie. Any ways, we spent the night relaxing in the hotel and getting ready for our last day on the road!

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