Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patchin'!

It amazes me how much difference a whole year makes. This time last year, we were helping Demitra barley be able to walk navigate her way through the pumpkin patch. This year, with Lucas in tow, we chased her through the patch barley able to keep up.

Christina is in Europe for work, so she wasn't able to join us, but Cara came down from PLU to carry on the Kneeland family tradition of picking out a pumpkin at Carpinito Brothers in Kent.

We decided against trying to push a stroller through the fields, which was a good idea, but my arms are telling me now, that we maybe should have rethought the idea of the baby bjorn.

On the plus side, I got lots of baby snuggles in, he's just so sweet!

Demi is a mover and a shaker, and she was so excited to look at punkins! 

Not so easy to get a photo of her though ... I have a lot of pictures of the back of her head.

I can't wait to take a similar picture next year.. when we're trying to keep up with him!

She just loves her baby brother so much, loves to kiss his cheeks... and hey, who can blame her?

See? Back of her head, but at least it's a cute picture of Lucas!

Click on that picture to see her last year... incredible.

I love how foggy it was out today! This was around noon - feels so ominous and spooky!

This one has her cousin Eric wrapped around her little finger... so sweet.

This one has Cousin Abby wrapped... they do that to a person.

This was our attempt at a Cousin picture to send to Grandma Myla. I think we maybe had a successful one on Gene's phone, but I can't be sure. Mine were all kind of fails.

I got this guy to take a picture with me - I love him :)

I think these are two of my most favorite pictures of us to date... 

Thanks for the fun day Uncle Gene!

All this photo is missing is Christina, Casey and Jens... Miss you guys!

As tradition would have it, we all piled back into the cars to head over to Duke's Chowder house at Kent Station for a cup of chowder, and poopageddon 2013 - but we're not going to delve into that story, I'm still recovering.

After lunch, we went back to Gene's and carved our finds. We didn't last year, but I think this will have to be our new tradition.

I didn't think she'd dive in like she did... I think she even liked it a little.

We had to take pictures with our creations, and I encouraged Gene to make the same face as his pumpkin. Best decision ever.

Cara was so careful with her carving... she's intense like that :)

The gang's all here :)

After our carve, we settled in and watched "Cabin in the Woods" and then we headed home.
It was a super fun day, and I'm happy to have family to share it with.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful pictures and family!

~Carol Purga


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