Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On Resolutions... and conquoring 2013!

So... 2013 Resolutions… I’m going to call it complete as I’m starting to write my 2014 ones…
I used to think that New Year’s Resolutions were a crock. But, maybe that’s because I had never successfully completed ANY. I’m going to give myself a little more credit, I was young, my resolutions were lame, and I had no plan to execute or follow through, so thus, they’re bound to fail.

2013 was a successful year in the Resolution arena. I had several goals, and ways to accomplish said goals, so that helped, but also I had my accountability buddy Megan. She would send me these resolutions every 3 months or so, and remind me what I was working on, and asked me how things were coming. She never let up, and for that I am thankful, it really helped me keep my eye on the prize.

So, let’s review 2013 and start the dreams for 2014…
2013 was the Year of “More”

1 | Lose (More) Weight – I’m going to give myself a HUGE gold star on this one – 2013 was the most fit I have been in over a decade. I lost 65 pounds reducing my weight from 265 to 200. After a lax month at the Olesons and Thanksgiving I’m back up to 206. Regardless, I am still very proud of this achievement this year. I did this by tracking my food intake on MyFitnessPal and after I had lost about 30 pounds I started to run. I still run (occasionally) but in the new year I’d like to amp it up.

2 | Blog More – I think I kind of failed you on this one. Most of the time I spent was over at www.spooky-scary.blogspot.com though, I have to say, that blog really took off this year. I think a lot of it has to do with the brain space that has been contributed to work. It takes a lot to be creative on here, and sometimes after a long day I’m just sucked dry on inspiration and witty wording. I will try harder on this one. I really like dumping my thoughts here. It has been a great journal for the past 5 years and I have improved my writing and posting skills IMMENSLEY! If you want a good laugh head back to 2008 and see my drool!

3 | Skate More – After blowing my knee in September of 2011, and then rehabbing all through 2011 and the beginning of 2012 with a much anticipated release to skate by my PT in May of 2012 I thought I would be all skate all the time… turns out, I miss skating, but I don’t miss the travel to and from the rink. Sometimes It feels like I get there, and only get a few laps in before I have to go home. Though, I should not make excuses – the rink is a total sanctuary for me. I adore going around and around to whatever Justin Beeber song is playing, it unwinds me. I need to pick this up again.

4 | Take More Pictures – I have to say, the iPhone has made it both easier and harder to be a photographer. I think my iPhone skills are pretty savvy, but by the time you print them out, they’re so grainy and low resolution that they’re nearly not worth the paper it’s printed on. I picked up my camera a lot more during our move, I was actually kind of surprised by the amount I used it. I am pretty happy to have all those memories on beautiful high resolution files. I am also using my point-and-shoot camera a whole lot more. I took that to the parade, and have been using it around the house. Why have such fun and amazing toys if you’re never going to use them!?

5 | Do More around the House – After painting in July, and then gutting, cleaning and moving our entire home into a storage unit this year, I’m going to claim a pass for this one. It was abnormal. I am finding that I am doing a lot more household related items now that we’re actually in a house. I also feel like I’m pacing around in circles less each day. I am looking forward to a bigger household to take care of. It seems like a little more space is what I was aching for.

6 | Move More – I WIN!!! I go for a walk at least 3 times a week, and I have been running too! I am glad to be out and about most of the time, and thrifting has really intensified this goal for me, I love digging through other people’s junk! You just never know when that treasure will crop up! I am glad to have accomplished this!

7 | Focus More – I don’t know that this one would be considered a win, when I wrote the goal it pertained to the Series 7. I worked diligently on it for a few months, got frustrated and gave up. And writing that makes me throw up in my mouth a little because what a beautiful waste of time that was!  I have to (HAVE TO) attempt it this year, my boss AND president of the company are kind of on me about it, so here we go again!

And at the end of this… the Bottom Line was |  I want to be a well-rounded person, I want every aspect of my life to be deliberate. So, This includes relationships, thoughts, use of time, finances, words, how I treat others, what I eat, how active I am, and my faith. I want to recognize and make conscious decisions each day. I don't want to ride through Life I want to LIVE life.

First Draft of my 2014 Resolutions.
So, 2014… What do you have in store for me?
The year of “WANTS!”

1 | I want to tone/tighten and lose a little more weight
2 | I want to complete a 5K without dying
3 | I want to Complete my Series 7 and Series 66 and if there’s still time Series 24
4 | I want to move into our house and make it feel like home within a few months of being there
5 | I want to have a better attitude about everyday life things that I cannot change – Laundary, Lawn mowing, sweeping, work, commuting etc.
6 | I want to build my faith again – God and I have been on an understanding … but I think it’s time for me to start giving a little
7 | I want to find my craft – and maybe start to sew / sell a few things on etsy
8 | I want to give up Facebook for good - This may be harder than I think 
9 | I want to spend less and enjoy more - Thrifting and not overspending on NON Essentials has GOT to stop.

What do you think? Should I add some? Drop some? Are these totally out of reach? 
Tune in to see my final list - and the goals to get me there!

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The Bam-Boozlers said...

Loves it!! Very inspiring :)


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