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Ronnebeck Recap | 2013

I am happy to say that 2013 is *Almost* In the books. I am starting my full stride of Fa La La La La's, which must mean that it's time for yet another installment of "Ronnebeck Recap".  In Lieu of a Christmas letter, I find myself pouring through my past year online, and recapping my favorite moments and finding pleasure and happiness in the little things, just one more time before we embark on a new year and a new journey. If you want to check out the years past...


This is the first year that we really didn't travel any where even remotely exotic, unless you count the Lowes on Pac Highway. We spent our vacation days a little here, and there, and mostly enjoyed our time together at home. I worked diligently at my resolutions, and managed to conquer most of them. There are a few (very few) that still evade me - but don't worry, that's what 2014 is for!

2013 was the year of Painting our apartment, moving out of said apartment, becoming roommates with Tim and Kat, making an impromptu trip to South Dakota, having visitors come to Washington, losing weight, and being healthier.

All these pictures are way out of order... but... here are a few photos that cover our past year - I am actually kind of surprised there aren't more... but the ones that are posted all make me smile in a different way.

The last night at our apartment - with our neighbors

Leslie & Dad at the Athenian

Gracie and I making ourselves at home at Tim & Katherines. Let's take a moment here to notice that SHE IS NEARLY ON MY LAP!!!!!!! We've taken big leaps this year!

Our empty little place at 807

Our last family picture on the porch of 807!

Neighbor Jack... This is how I will always remember him as my neighbor - just on the other side of the fence drinking a cold one. He is such a time capsule of stories - I will miss that about him.

Our last car load headed to the Olesons... Eric was pooped!

Our last sunset from our view at 807

Soaking in our place... it was so hard to leave it, but we're so happy here too!

Our new bedroom at the Olesons. It's cozy!

I got a new cousin this year... his name is Lucas Harvey! I love him.

Here we are painting our place in July (only to move out in October - I don't want to talk about that)

This one turned 5 this year!

Me and my little guy at Marvista enjoying the leaves!

Me snuggling baby Lucas... he's so adorable.

Eric and I at the Santo wedding in August

Aquaman Roadtrippin to South Dakota - this was somewhere in Washington.

Me all dressed up for the Annual Conference.

One hot summer night in July at HONK fest!

Eric and Aquaman waiting on the steps for me to get home.

Our best friends and roommates Tim and Kat at the Santo wedding

♥ Love these people

Shannie and I in a Wheat field.

So... I lost about 65 pounds this year. The left is from December of 2012 - Right is May 2013 during our work photos.

Me at work - Don't I look fancy?

Us on the road to South Dakota.

My cousins! Demitra, Lucas, Casey and Cara - Celebrating Gene for fathers day at the Cliff house in Browns Point.

I love this guy - playing in the leaves at Marvista

In 3 hours, Donna, Jordan, Noelle, Nikki and I managed to raise $530 by "Panhandling" for a Cure. We will truley do ANYTHING to fight cancer!

Aquaman and his roommates Cosmo and Seven - all of them begging for food as ususal

Demi has Cousin Eric wrapped around her little finger.

I did some S7 studying this year... not enough ... but we're going to attack that again in 2014.

Aquaman in South Dakota at Uncle Scott's Farm.

I began running this year - I manage to do a mile or two every other day now.

Meet the Blanchette Family - I took their photos a LOT this year... and I am honored to be in their wedding in May.

Eric and I at Honk Fest in July.

Eric and I on the Big Wheel in Seattle with Dad and Leslie.

Eric and Dad at the Seattle Underground Tour.

Love this thing.

Dad and I on top of the Space Needle - Lake Union to our Right.

Aquaman and I on a Hike.

Saturday Hike with the Family.

Saturday Hike!

Aquaman on our Fall Hike

Eric and I outside of Stellars on my Birthday - Yep, take the time to compare this photo to the one above in July... Told you we lost some weight this year :)

Me and my BFFF Megan at her first bout of the year - Go Carnies!


Oleson - Ronnebeck Family Fun night!

Mustache you a question!

This is Momma's Luminaria at Relay this year.

I brought my Momma bear along for some moral support since Eric was in Yuma with Gene.

Here I am in the wee hours of the morning at Relay next to Momma's luminaria.

Here's the front of our arpartments at 807

And the number... HOME :)

And Eric and I out front of our door!

Seven, Kat, Tim and Cosmo on New Years Eve!

Eric, Aquaman and I on New Years Eve.

We went to this play at the Paramount this year.

Eric Celebrated 36 with his buddies Tim & Reiner and their wives at Mizuki Buffet!

We witnessed a few (very few) sweet moments between these two.

Eric met this guy at Comi-con (It's Dre from the League)

I got to see this guy again... he's my favorite author/artist at the con - he's the creator of Owly!

I did this to Katherine's fridge... hehehehehehe.

See? Sweet!

Here's me and baby Lucas at the Pumpkin Patch!

And me with my Handsome Husband!

And my wonderful family - Lucas, Cara, Demi and Gene!

Here are our awesome pumpkins once we were all done with them!

This was our mantra for Relay for Life this year - we kicked some major butt coming in over double our goal!

Relaying IS my super power.

Dad and Leslie at the Market

It has been something like 13 years since the last time this photo was possible... Crazy - Huh!?

Here we are relaying again - raised $5,500 in one night!

Our Family Dinner at the Steelhead Diner.

The Train tracks outside of Milbank... When we were there to see Grandpa.

This is Grandpa's burial. Such a great tribute to a great man.

The Church I grew up in :)

Aquaman met his cousin Tank!

Aquaman on the Farm!

Me and my "little" cousins Craig and Kevin!

Me and My Sissy at Norhdalls - playing on the farm!

This is the farm I grew up on :) Home sweet Home.

Playing in Grandpa's Wheat Field

Eric and I  - South Dakota Style

I was happy to have been able to visit Momma again :)

And this lady... I love her so much - what a wonderful role model. Love you Grandma!

When we were in SD we all slept in a camper - Shannie and I shared the bunk beds, because the plaque next to us made it so we were "Joined heart to heart"

This is his "I want to go home now please" face. He was a real trooper.

This was the last time I was able to visit my Grandpa (last year) but I had to put his shining face up here, he's so missed.

I got to stay the night at this guys house! Twice! Love you Cousin Luke!

And Aquaman got to play with Tysen and Brynn!

This is by the North Dakota Painted Desert. We had a great trip, just wish we didn't have to go back for a funeral.
Walked my first 5K with my good friend Dawn!


Bring it on 2014!!!!
Okay - here's the difference we made this year - Left is in February, right is in July. GO us!

What a great year we had! Thanks for reminiscing with me! I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas and a Great 2014!

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Anonymous said...

Love you guys hope you have a very Merry Christmas
Xoxo the Alikpokous


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