Monday, December 30, 2013

The House…

We’ve been talking so much about the situation surrounding our housing that I haven’t even really shared much about the HOUSE itself. 

Here it is… In all of its beauty at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. I am so in love with this place. This house is home, when you walk in it just feels like home.
We always entertained the idea of moving here when (and at that time *if*) Tim and Katherine ever decided to move out. We would talk about it from time to time about how perfect this little rambler would be for us.

As you can see, it has a big yard, with lots of driveway, a little shed in the back and lots of wooded area / ravine behind that shed.

It’s equipped with a nice big kitchen area with some dining space, a little back laundry and storage room, 1 bedroom (with Closet), 1 den (without Closet),  a living room with large windows and a wood burning fire stove. Two bathrooms (One with tub & shower, one with just shower) a HUGE space upstairs which has been built to be the master bedroom. 

We have a little different plan than the prior occupants – Upstairs “master bedroom” will actually be Eric’s Nerd room / Man Cave. He already has lots of plans for the space, and can’t wait to get his stuff moved in! I’m taking over the “Bed Room” downstairs as my craft room / study, and our bedroom will be in the “den”.  

A little about the Landlords… They’re amazing. John and Kerri are probably two of the most giving and caring people I have ever met. Eric and I are enthusiastic to have landlords that actually care about the property they own.  They are wonderful people, and we’re thrilled that they’re giving us the opportunity to move in to their little home – which is where they raised their kids Nate & Julia. Oh, and did I mention that Eric and I got married in John & Kerri’s back yard at their current home. Let’s just say these people rock. We’re getting together with them in a few days to discuss plans for the place and our move in timeline, I can’t wait to unpack that storage unit we’ve been renting!

I will have to take some pictures of the space inside and post them – it’s a little bare right now as Tim & Kat moved out this weekend, so I’ll wait till we get some furniture in there!

Thank you for all the prayers,

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