Thursday, July 2, 2015

Las Vegas Part 1 - Girls Trip!

The Strip from our Plane Seats!

We had such an amazing trip to Las Vegas! This was my first time traveling without a camera at all, and just relying on my Cell phone for photos, and I have to say... I don't like the results. Though these photos will do, from a Photography standpoint, I really missed my camera!

I will post the second half of my trip / trip with Dad later this week, but here are the photos and memories with the girls!

Donna, Noelle and I spent Monday - Thursday afternoon together in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Luxor Hotel and had a rental car which took us all over the place!

Home sweet home for the week

The Remolded MGM
The Pepper Mill Restaurant - Donna's first stop in Vegas... Always!

Our first, and only Slushy beverages! Pina Colada for me and Peach Belini for them!

It was 111 when we arrived - it didn't get much cooler all week!

Our friendship bracelets that eventually broke... I will have to re-make them for our next trip.

We took a 2 hour trip to M&M world our first night in town... That may or may not have had a lot to do with the slushy beverages! We had fun though!

We made sure we all had floppy hats so as to not sunburn at the pool!

My Traditional disapproval of Criss Angel

Headed to the Pool!

We spent all day Tuesday at the pool till we got hungry and headed out that evening to South Point Casino!

My "big" winnings off of my Free play

My purchase with my big winnings! New Sneaks!

Steak and Shake at the South Point Casino

Noelle collecting her $700!!! She won playing 3 card poker!

I got to see this sign at night - and for the first time ever - this is my 3rd trip to Vegas and this is FINALLY checked off my bucket list!

To the guy standing out by the sign taking pictures for donations... Kudos!

If I told you about the folks we saw at the Walgreens.... you wouldn't believe me! So, here are the folks that were performing outside... much more savory than the ones inside.

Noelle & Donna outside of Hailey's Castle!

My partners in crime for the pool!

The Show we saw!

Show tickets and a fancy bag!

All Dressed up and headed to Mystere

Some hot chicks hitting Vegas - Sorry boy's we're all taken!

The Celing at Mystere

The Girls at Mystere

The Large Snail at the end of Mystere

Back out to South Point for some gambling!

One of our favorite memories from this trip will always be the fact that we stumbled upon the live taping of American Ninja Warrior! We got in and got to watch 10 or so contestants! We were there till 4 am.

I think I could have won the award for best dressed!
Our Trip came to an end too fast! We had a great time together and traveled very well. Girls trip 2016 is allready in our future!

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