Sunday, July 5, 2015

Las Vegas Part 2

"Part Two" of my Las Vegas trip kicked off after Noelle and Donna headed to the airport. I was by myself for a couple hours so I had lunch and took a tour through the Titanic Museum. Then after that I walked around the Mandalay Bay shops for awhile and waited for Dad and Lesley to call. They texted me letting me know that they were a few miles away, so I went and got my luggage from the Baggage check and headed through the Excalibur and across the street to the Tropicana where they picked me up!

Dad and Leslie like to stay at Ellis Island Casino and hotel which is a Super 8 just off the strip behind Ballys. It is a nice little place and they have killer BBQ! We turned in early that night, after some gambling at the casino and got up early the next day to play!
We started out the day parking at Herrahs, and got some tickets to Beatles LOVE - so that way we had a plan for the rest of the evening! I was so excited to see LOVE with Dad since he's the one who taught me to love the Beatles! This is the 3rd time I have seen the Cirque show, and it never gets old! I think I'll see it every time I go to Las Vegas until It no longer plays. It seriously gets me all misty!

Since we were seeing the late show we had lots of time to shop and play, so we walked over to the Mirage to see what we could see. 

This is Buck & Winnie - at Herrahs
While we were out shopping Leslie introduced me to my newest obsession... Alex and Ani bracelets! LOVE

The Stage of LOVE!

In our seats ready for the show!

After the show !!

He was disappointed there was no "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" ... but he still enjoyed it.

This is my Post-Show BLISS Photo :)

You cant take him anywhere ;)
 The next day we walked around, Bought more Alex and Ani, went to the World Series of Poker, the Pawn Star's Pawn shop and Old Vegas. We were a busy group!
I took this for Eric - it's a replica of the 1966 Batmobile.

Alex and Ani - Planet Hollywood.

Dad Paying Homage to the PPE!
World Series of Poker

The final table of the WSOP at the Rio.

My Alex and Ani Bracelets! Leslie and Dad bought me my birth stone, and I bought the "A"

Gold and Silver Pawn
Leslie Shopping

Busy little Pawn Store!

Looks JUST like it does on TV!

Old Vegas --- ♥
This is the Toy Expert who appears on Pawn Stars - we shopped a little

Castle Grey Skull will not fit in my suitcase :(

Fremont Street!

Most trips have a happy ending... Mine did too - if it would have ended Saturday night. We were up till 1 or 2 and then I was up at 5 to go to the airport. Dad dropped me off around 5:30. My plane was supposed to leave at 7. At 8:30 we had been boarded on our plane, and de-planed because of a mechanical issue with the navigation. Our flight delayed till 12. They gave us free food vouchers, so I went and got some breakfast! During Breakfast I got an alert on my phone that Alaska Air was giving me a $300 voucher for my next flight... and they delayed my flight another 2 hours I took a nap. So by 3pm, we were finally boarded and in the air with complimentary snacks and wine! It was a LONG day! I'm happy to be home.

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