Friday, May 15, 2009

What a Headache!

I have been a bit uninspired and unmotivated to write in my blog lately. I used to sit on the edge of my chair until my break so I could blog my break away. Now I think of what I want to say, and usually resort to a blog full of happies, or something else easy like a rundown of a very average weekend. I envy my fellow blogger KAREN RUSSELL who tells these amazing stories of her family in a way that no detail is left behind and they’re completely wonderful stories of everyday life. I envy yet another blogger JASMINE STAR who happens to always have the perfect picture to post and a completely carefree attitude while she types. So it boils down to one thing “what’s wrong with ABBY RONNEBECK???”

I should probably elaborate a bit on the headache’s I’ve been getting; it’s a big source of my lack of motivation. It hurts too much to think, let alone let my mind wander to the soothing sounds of a typing keyboard. It’s nothing serious (I don’t think) so, don’t worry Mom! (My Mom is my biggest fan and reads this most every day HI MOM!)

About two weeks ago now, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with a throbbing headache. For the first week I was waking up every single night, now it’s been reduced to just once this week. I’ve been asked 100 questions of “what’s causing it?” My answer is “I’m not sure”. I think it’s a combination of things.
-It’s the way I sleep; not on my back & often with my arm tucked under my head and pillow.
-It’s the bag(s) I carry putting pressure on the right side of my neck.
-It’s sitting in an office chair 40 hours a week with bad posture.
-It’s my diet; which means eating crap pretty much every day of the week and drinking more caffeine than any one person should be allowed, who drinks a 4 shot mochas any ways?
-It’s my exercise regiment, or lack thereof.
-It’s my contacts and the fact that I stare at a computer 40 hours a week; and you blink less when you stare at a computer screen!

So you’re next question probably is: “what are you doing to change these things Abby? You gotta get better!”
Here it is, Another “Abby resolution”… you see how well the last one went, Gracie is still a beast. But at least Aquaman goes into his kennel without me having to shove him in there!
-I have tried sleeping on my back more, I have an ergonomic pillow and it makes me feel good when I do, and when I don’t I feel it in the morning
-I have switched bags that I commute to work with every morning often and the variety is what’s good for me, I also ordered an ergonomic one from SHERPANI PACKS, which make the best backpack’s ever.
-I have begun to make myself sit up straight in my office chair, get up more often and kneel in front of my computer for 15 minutes a day just to stretch out my back.
-My husband has been diligent at getting me to eat better, and has been failing because I’m a poor sport. But this week I have brought my lunch & Snacks in and have been eating better, more healthy and haven’t had a single soda or drop of caffeine since Friday of last week.
-The exercise regiment is still in progress. I hate it and I use the “I don’t have time” excuse. It’s a piss poor excuse, I’ll work on it.
-I have been wearing my glasses to work and my contacts for “fun”. I will be ordering a new pair of glasses hopefully this coming week so I have a little variety and my wear and tear will be less on one pair.
-I scheduled a massage for after Lazy F because I’m spoiled like that and I know it will help soothe the pain.
-I also Ice my neck every single night!

It’s a work in progress to make a better me, I guess it’s just been a long time coming and I’ve been resisting. I have been fooling myself into the fact that all these things that I habitually do, do not have an ill effect on me; they do.
I need all the encouragement and support I can possibly get, and hopefully it will stop these blast headaches and bring me to a new realm of blogness. (Is that a word? Spell check says NO).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend; Eric and I are off to the Red Sox game this evening. I’m going to sit back and relax and enjoy myself, not from behind my camera lens like usual. Oh yeah, and to add to the list, Eric is making me relax more!
and this picture, because it makes me smile bigger than LIFE! From the amazing Tara Whitney from Cali!
Thanks for listening,
♥ Abby (normal)
PS: Look at me and my hyper linking… I’m good!

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