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Ronnebeck Recap 2010

Going back an entire year to post about has been a whole lot more difficult than I expected. I start thinking about the “Ronnebeck Recap” and think to myself, but we haven’t done much this year, what could I possibly write about!? Obviously my memory is skewed because it’s been a busy year! I had made my New Year’s Resolution to “DO Something NEW”, and it handed me quite a year! I will probably do a post of that all on its own. This is by no means “all inclusive” synopsis of 2010, but a few of my favorite memories.

I started to write the “Ronnebeck Recap” and decided that perhaps I should be writing this as a “random musings” instead of a “Christmas letter” format. Random Musings are just so much more consistent with this blog.

If you’d like to check out 2008 & 2009 Ronnebeck Recap click on the links!

So I give you… Ronnebeck Recap 2010

We bought a 2010 Honda Fit this year, we love our new car, and do not miss our Focus at all, period. We sold our Focus in August for a couple hundred dollars, which didn’t even come close to covering the cost of the four brand new tires we put on it a few months before it died, but the guy who bought it refurbishes cars at no cost for his church and then sells them for a low amount to people who need them. Glad to know our Focus is helping someone in this world.

Eric turned 33 in January and I turned 26 in February. We didn’t do much to celebrate our birthdays after all; we had just bought each other a car for the occasion!

February I shot my first “official” photography session with my friend Laurel and her fiancé Jon at Kerry park in Seattle, I will be doing their wedding in December (YIKES!)

In March I headed up to Stevens Pass with my co-worker Mindy to assist with her “Relay-esque” activity called “Hope on the Slopes” where they ski (or snowboard) for 24 hours instead of walk. I found myself snowshoeing, and making coffee. I also took a couple hours and I went snowshoeing on the Pacific Crest trail! It was an enjoyable but tiring weekend!

We attended the Emerald City Comicon where we met some of our favorite authors, artists and characters from Comic book land and pop culture. It was an amazing experience to shake hands and talk with the author/illustrator of my favorite comic – Owly.

We both spent an annoyingly large amount of time in the dentist chair this year, and I ended up getting all 4 wisdom teeth extracted in one surgery, I’ve never eaten so much ice cream for dinner in my life; and Eric had 3 of his pulled over the course of two appointments.

We were able to make it to a Seattle Sounders Football Club soccer match this year too! It was quite an experience and left me thinking that I need to figure out how to play/watch soccer! Go Sounders!

April brought us Aquaman’s 2nd birthday, and he’s brought so much joy into our house the past couple years! We love our little Shih Tzu, and couldn’t imagine life without him. He sure does keep us busy

I took a ‘girls’ vacation with my friend Mariya to Las Vegas which was my first trip ever to Vegas, oh for the lights! It was an amazing vacation and I can’t wait to see where future girl trips take us – we have all sorts of ideas!

May was a fun month with the Seattle Cheese festival in the city. Eric and I rode the light rail (which is our new favorite way to get to the city) to Seattle early that morning and spent our day sampling free cheese at the market!

I discovered and Eric re-discovered the King County Library system, for someone who didn’t like to read much, I’m really enjoying being able to check out any book I want, it’s very convenient!

June was by far our busiest month! We had Brenda, Kathy and my Mom out for a visit to do Relay for Life with us. Mom and I’s goal when she was diagnosed was to walk the survivor lap together in Relay 2010, there wasn’t a dry eye between the four of us, and it was an amazing victory. We had a nice visit but it was difficult to see them go – I really enjoyed having company! Relay was everything we wanted it to be – I loved being a team captain and I’m sure I’ll love being on the committee as well!

We celebrated July with Eric being home for the first time in 4 years he did not attend the mission trip with the GLC youth. They were going to New Mexico, and he was not as called to go as he had been in the past. The youth missed him. He did end up going to LutherHaven bible camp for a week with the kids though and played drums in the band. He then came home with a Mowhawk, courtesy of a couple 15 year old boys and an 19 year old girl! I was shocked, but it grew on me.

We had Reiner, Teresa, Michael, Caitlyn, Tim and Katherine over for the fireworks on the 4th as our porch has the best view.

I taught mom how to Skype, which brought more tears to our eyes. It’s amazing how a little video camera can skip the miles and make us feel less lonely for each other.

Eric and I discovered our favorite places to eat in attempts to see more of our city, we are now frequent diners at Proletariat and Full Tilt; so yummy!

We celebrated Gracie’s 4th birthday on the 1st, she still hates being loved on and I still love loving on her!

September landed us in Washington DC on business, we spent a week there and enjoyed seeing all the monuments and tourist attractions one city can hold. We were able to make it to a game at the ballpark crossing yet another ballpark off our list!

Speaking of Business – I clocked my 4th year with KMS and still love my job every single day. It’s been a difficult economic year, and Eric’s been picking up odd jobs for our neighbor here and there, we’re incredibly blessed.

I joined the Relay for Life of Highline’s committee to help plan the Relay for 2010 and I can’t wait to see what comes with that ride. I attended the Western Washington Relay for life conference in SeaTac with my other committee members and enjoyed every stinking over energetic second of it! I Heart RELAY!

We lost two of our favorite Mariners this year. Ken Griffey, Jr retired this year after 1.5 years back in Seattle to end his career. Dave Niehaus passed away in September of a heart attack, My Oh My we’ll miss Dave. We didn’t make it to enough games this year; we need to fix it for next year.

We spend Thanksgiving with Tim and Katherine again this year, and wouldn’t have it any other way as long as we’re celebrating in the Pacific Northwest!

It’s been a crazy year… thanks for being with us in our journey.

All our Love & Merry Christmas,
The Ronnebecks

And now… Photos… because what would a recap be without photos? In no particular order.
My Holy Grail... The Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz that Judy Garland Wore... Thank you DC!Nationals Ballpark - Washington DC
Screech the Nationals Mascot - Washington DC
Our Happy Puppy... being a Puppy.
Halloween! Guy Fieri and a Jelly Fish!
My Relay Committee Peeps!
A Ferry boat ride to Church with my boss Julie & her partner Nelly.
Molly Ward Gardens... Best Food Ever...
Dave Niehaus' Memorial outside of Safeco
Mothers day... she loves me!

This one speaks for itself.
Momma had a few visits to the hospital this year... we're happy shes' doing better.
Discovering the Library
Snowshoeing - Pacific Crest Trail - Stevens Pass
Wisdom teeth ... ow.
Mom's 52nd and Brenda's 56th birthdays at the Space Needle. Mom helping me finish my last lap of 20 miles for Relay.
My first Children's photo shoot.
Crickets... yuck.
Momma & Me at Relay
The Survivor Lap
My favorite Survivor.
Mom and I at the Market
Such a beautiful sight... love these ladies. Relay Captain
We raised $4,000 ... we rock!
My Pup getting in to trouble.
Proletariat Pizzaria A picnic!
They bond... sometimes.
Gracie Discovered the back porch.
Mom and I skyping!
Aquaman had a couple trips to the vet... he's a nervous nelly. Katherine and I touring Theo Chocolate Factory!
Full Tilt Ice Cream
Our Keys to our Fit!
Our Fit! My Snowy Face!
Snowy Family ... 3 inches in November!!!!!
Gracie's Four! Viva Las Vegas!

Aquaman is TWO!

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