Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 | Onward into the New Year!

The year of “WANTS!”

I have written, reworked, rewritten and turned these words upside down and back around again but here they are. They are written in my quest to be a better Abby. I don't know how many I'll accomplish, and I'm admitting that I'm dreaming a little BIG this year, but after my conquer of 2013 I feel inspired.

1 | I want to tone/tighten and lose a little more weight – I can hear you groaning from here, yes, in theory I have lost enough weight for now, and I am thrilled to be down 65 pounds. However end of August beginning of September was the prime of my weight loss, I was at 198 which is less than I had been in YEARS. I want to get back there; I’m running around 208 right now, (10 pound gain! Blech) because I haven’t really been paying attention and find myself eating “just one” piece of candy here and there – which in all reality is “Two or three”.  Also, the tummy isn’t going to tuck itself, so I think some sit-ups are in store for 2014. MyFitnessPal + Runtastic = My new Bff’s. Plus, I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into!

2 | I want to complete a 5K without dying – Okay, I know I wouldn’t really die if I ran 5K, but it’s not as smooth as I’d like it to be. I can run about 1.5 miles before I feel gross, and sometimes I can even push through to 2 miles, which is about 3 miles more than I could run prior to last year (and yes, I know the math is that bad on that one). My “Ultimate” goal if I had to have one would be to run the “Free to breathe 5K” over the Tacoma Narrows bridge in September in honor of my Mom – this organization is directed toward health and fitness to make happy lungs, and raise Lung Cancer awareness.

3 | I want to PASS my Series 7 and Series 66 and if there’s still time Series 24 – Yes, this one is back … but I have a vengeance! My boss has been on my case (in a nice way) about it since the last time I failed. She gave me reprieve, but now HER boss (the President of the firm) is on her about it, so that means I need to be on it! I can only hope that this means there are good things to come once this is complete, but mostly, I want the monkey off my back. It’s constantly lingering in my mind. I have adopted a new mantra which is “She believed she could, so she did.” I will repeat and repeat until I pass. So, for those of you looking to make social plans with me for 2014 - let’s schedule for October if all goes well.

4 | I want to move into our house – but mostly, I want to make it feel like OUR HOME. This sounds funny, but after living in 1312 with Tim & Katherine, this place feels like home, but I want to make it feel like our home. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here with Tim & Kat, but I am also very excited to have a home of our own, more space and lots of good memories to be made!

5 | I want to have a better attitude about everyday life things that I cannot change – I want a renewed energy for the mundane… laundry, lawn mowing, wood chopping / hauling,  sweeping, work, commuting … the list could go on! I really need to find a happy place with doing things to keep our home moving and thriving.

6 | I want to build my faith again – God and I have been on an understanding sabbatical. I think he understands, but I also think he is sick of needing to understand. I’m totally speaking for him which is probably not good, but I think it’s time for me to start giving a little. I don’t think Eric and I will re-join, or join a congregation or a church nearby, we still have quite a bad taste in our mouth from the last church we were part of, but I want to try to incorporate more prayer and meditation in my day.

7 | I want to find my craft – and maybe start to sell a few things. I can’t tell you how many things I buy from Etsy or on my Instagram feed that I can totally make. Most of my hold up has always been space. It takes a lot of space to sew, to not have to set up and tear down is HUGE to a crafter. I will have a little space of my own to not have to do the set up/tear down and so I’m going to try and do some crafts (after the test thing, of course) if not for profit, for gifts and for my own home.

8 | I want to give up Facebook for good - This may be harder than I think and this is probably going to have to happen in stages  or really back off a little on it – I mean, who goes cold turkey on something like this? Now, my reasoning here may sound a bit dramatic to some of you.  Facebook is a good thing, a marvel, actually. I can make a list of the things I love about it, but it’s been so insidious to my life. For every good thing I can do on Facebook, I can think of something better that I’m not yet doing that I could do with that time instead. It really is that simple. Facebook in moderation is a great idea – though I’ve never been great at moderation. I just kind of feel like it’s time to go, like a break up; “it’s not you, Facebook; it’s me!” But, don’t sweat, if you’d like to stay in touch, I intend on keeping this Blog going – and I do have an e-mail address and, *gasp a Home address you could send mail to, or a phone you could text. There are very few times I’ve logged off of Facebook thinking “wow, that was a really great use of my time!” therefore, it must go (or I need to at least take more time off).

9 | I want to spend less and enjoy more - Thrifting and not overspending on NON Essentials has GOT to stop. I LOVE TO THRIFT! It’s a new discovery this year that has been really cathartic for me, I can go to Good will, spend an hour and walk out with $35 worth of clothes, and “other” I love it. However, thrift stores are ONLY thrifty if you’re not spending $35 a week per store (hitting a couple stores in a weekend). *Ahem… That being said, I’ve completely replaced my wardrobe from a size 18-20 to a size 14-12 and I don’t own hardly anything that I haven’t gotten at Goodwill or Value Village.

10 | I want to cut back on my Swearing – Hello Sailor Abby Reporting here… and let’s round this year’s resolutions with one Mom would be proud of! I have always had quite the mouth on me, but this year has been a little … colorful.  My biggest accomplishment will be to stop using the word F*%# as an expression, comma or punctuation. See? Total Sailor!

Wish me luck, and tune in for an update when Megan will remind me of my goals!  


The Bam-Boozlers said...

Good luck love:-) I have taken some inspiration from some of your resolutions, looking forward to checking back to see pics of the house and hearing about your successes in the months to come.

Abby said...

It's a heck of a list isn't it!!!



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